Interaction concept - Daimler universe

In this student project we cooperated with a design team from Daimler in Stuttgart. We were supposed to develop concept ideas for a public display for Daimler employees in one of their factories. As the final outcome we made a concept video that shows our idea.

Understand the users – our approach

The project started with an extensive analysis of the users and their surroundings. The major goal was to give the Daimler employees a feeling of personal appreciation. We used different methods to emphasize with the users. A very effective way to understand the problems and needs of users was to make personas.

Our concept idea was the Daimler Universe. With this metaphor we wanted to communicate that every employee has a unique thing, that he can give. Every single employee is important to develop a product like the s-class. To make this metaphor more concrete we give the employees the possibility to add themselves to the Daimler-Universe as a new star.

My part in the project

I took part in the whole project process. For the final concept video I rendered the particle animations of the mercedes-benz logo and the s-class. I also made some of the interior scenes to show the interaction concept.

Team Members

Yannik Schrempp
Feyradin Celik
Valentina Klepikova
Viktoria Alexeyeva
Leonard Buchet