WEZAG - High end renderings
for High end tools

WEZAG is an international company with locations in Germany and the US. They produce private label, high-end crimping tools and machines. I created photorealistic renderings for their website. Together with my colleagues we developed a stroyboard for an exiting product video. Based on that, I animated the whole video. 

Crimpzange CK-130D Wezag

More than just another product video...

WEZAG produces the best performing, digital crimp tools. As you can see in the video, crimping is a method to connect two wires or join wire to terminal. We wanted to deliver their message through an emotionalizing product video. Our approach was very story driven to stand out and really reach the target group. The video shows a race between electric current and WEZAG’s crimp-tool. The tool is able to win the race and fixes all the bad connections of a complex wire harness. I animated and rendered the whole video with the software ‘blender‘.

Storyboard & Concept: Michael Gräter, Manuel Hartwig
3D Animation & Effects: Manuel Hartwig
Sounddesign & Music: Marco Seelig