Project MERLIN -
Architecture meets Augmented Reality

Explosionsdarstellung Hotel Bergamo

Architecture meets augmented Reality

I developed an interactive application for the Microsoft Hololens. I worked in a team together with a developer. I made the concept and created the 3d assets and animations. The App demonstrates the advants of making buildings out of wooden modules. With the help of augmented reality the users are able to look through the walls to see the structure behind them. 3D visualizations and animations give users an insight into the building process.


Medianer – digital agency
VonM – architectural office
Ministry of Food, Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection – Initiator und supporter of the “Holzbauoffensive Baden-Württemberg

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"Wood is good" - Short Clips for Ministry's Keymessages

I also animated 7 short videos to explain the ministry’s keymassages. These explainer videos show the advantages of timber construction. The goal of the ministry (MLR), our client, was to encourage architects and builders to build their houses out of wood in the future.

Play Video about Kernbotschaft Holz ist langlebig
Play Video about Kernbotschaft Holz ist digital

You’ll find the rest of the clips on the ministry’s website:

Play Video about Kernbotschaft Holz brennt aber sicher