Video about immersive media

In a team with three others we created a video about immersive media at the unitverity of media (HdM) in Stuttgart. The faculty of information and communication wanted to present some insights into their approaches to new technologys such as virtual and augmented reality.

We first started to make some research about the common language in scientific videos. We also had some interviews to find out, what kind of information our target group wants to get.

Storyboard & UI concepts

In a second step we developed a storyboard. I made sketches to visualize our ideas. We came up with a video, that starts with a little story. In this more or less futuristic scene a personnel manager gets an augmented reality job application and is fascinated by the possibilites of this technology. For those scenes I motion tracked the videos and added the virtual reality user interface into the original video footage.

I developed a ui-concept for the augmented reality scenes.

Final Cut: Veronika Rehm
Team: Nathalie Holfort, Monique Schopper